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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Universal Answer

When Philip first started saying no, I thought it was kind of helpful.
Me: Do you want to read some books?
Philip: No

Well, okay, at least now I knew how he felt.

But after a couple days Andy said he thought that Philip was saying no in answer to any question.  I started observing.

We go to the park. We climb the rock wall.  Philip points to the slide.
Me: Do you want to go down the slide?
Philip: No
Me:  By no, do you mean yes?
Philip: No
We go down the slide.  Big smiles and we go back for another round.

Sometimes Philip tells the truth:
Andy:  Philip, can you say guitar?
Philip: No

Other times Philip's new word causes him to fib.

Andy:  Did you take a nap today?
Philip: No
(He took a three hour nap that day)

Me:  Are we sitting on the couch right now?
Philip:  Silence
Me:  Yes or no?
Philip: No

Perhaps this is why Philip seems to ignore us when we tell him not to do something.  Instead of hearing "No," he probably thinks we are saying, "Yes, yes, yes!"

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  1. Congrats to you all! Thanks for posting all the cute pics of Philip and Herbie! I am happy to hear all the cute things he is doing and learning! I hope you are feeling great, and enjoying the beautiful weather.