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Monday, November 12, 2012

Fall Fun

We've had a lot of fun this fall!  October started with a trip to the zoo.  Each year, Baltimore has a month where they open many of their cultural attractions and performances to the public for free.  We took advantage of free day at the zoo!  Andy had the day off from work and the weather was beautiful!  We even ran into a certain blogger there!  Philip keeps talking about the "elefuns" and "jraphs" he saw at the zoo.
Checking out the rhinos

Lunch fun

There are a ton of fall festivals in our area.  We took advantage of the warm weather and went to a local nursery one weekend for pumpkin pictures. 

Julia looked funny in each of these pictures, but Philip sure is cute!

Post funnel-cake face

Checking out the tractors

Julia fell asleep and Andy tried to talk me out of putting her down for this pic. We were able to do a whole photo shoot and she didn't wake up at all.  Love having Philip in the background.

On another weekend we went to a local park that is also a farm.  They had all sorts of fun activities and it was amazing to see how many young families there are in our area.  On the way home, Philip kept saying, "Party...fun!"  Made my heart sing!

Riding the bull!
Our community held a Touch-a-Truck event one weekend.  They bring in all sorts of different vehicles and the kids can get into any of them to check them out. We were expecting a few emergency and construction vehicles, but they had anything you could imagine  - mail truck, tour bus, tractor trailer, car carrier, Red Cross truck, stretch limo, you name it!  Even a helicopter.

Unfortunately, lots of kids were blowing the horns on the trucks and as you can imagine, the horns of tractor trailers and fire engines are quite loud.  Philip spent a lot of time like this:

Finally, the weekend before Halloween we went to a local farm to pick out a pumpkin.

We decided to leave this one at the farm

Here is the one we picked. Philip was preoccupied by a litter of kittens that were roaming around - that is what he is looking at in this shot!

Just look at the excitement on Philip's face

As Philip would say, "Oh, wow!"

I'm pretty proud of myself for making these!

Philip's Halloween lunch

For Halloween, Philip was a Knight in Shining Armour.  Julia had a little cat bib and pant set.  Once she spit up all over that, she wore Philip's My First Halloween shirt.

This was Philip's first time out trick-or treating.  We went to three of our neighbor's houses and then went to a party at a friend's house.  The parents all brought a bag of candy, and they mixed it up and sent everyone home with a big bag.  Philip is super-excited about all the "Lolli's" that he got!

His first lollipop! 

And since this post is very Philip-centric, here's a recent pic of the little lady!

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