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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Philip Funnies IV

We are on our way into the three's and the tantrums are not letting up anytime soon. While driving away from Mass one weekend Philip was throwing a tantrum because, "I want to climb a mountain!!!"

Bonus Grandma Funny: After witnessing many of Philip's tantrums during a recent visit, my Mom said, "He is worse than a woman going through menopause!"

Philip: Do baby want to play trains?
Me: Maybe. Will you share the trains with Julia?
Philip: Ummm, probably not.

When approaching a crosswalk: "We need to cross the finish line!"

Julia was trying to grab a Holy Family statue we have in our living room. I asked Philip to tell her who it was. After some reminding, he told her, "That is Jesus, that is Mary, and that is Jofus."

At a Mexican restaurant:
Me: Do you want a taco or a quesadilla?
Philip: Ummmm, turkey sandwich.

Begging to eat a cookie in the car on drive home from lunch.
Me: I'll think about it.
Philip: Think about it Mommy! I want to think about it! Think about it! (repeated over and over and over...)

Andy called to let us know he was driving home from the airport after a recent trip.
Philip: Hi Daddy! We need to clean!
(Guess what he'd been hearing all morning.)

Upon finding some foam stamps I had left out to move to the craft area, he brought them to me and asked, "So, what is the plan for this?"

While Julia was digging in the pantry closet, Philip went over to check what she was doing. Bringing me a bag of onions:
"This is for your birthday, Mommy."
He then handed me successive items - garlic, orange juice, bottled water - telling me each time that they were birthday presents. After praising them for being such thoughtful children Philip went back to Julia, "That was real nice, Babe."

"Baby is trouble."

"Do fishies go in the hose?"

"Do doggies go in the carseat?"

"Not for real, kids."

"Hey, can we make a big mess?"

"Hey, can I have a froggie to eat?"

His version of Old McDonald: And a farmer had a cow, meesa meesa moo!

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