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Monday, August 18, 2014

Four Years Old

My sweet little miracle boy turned four years old in July. I can't believe how fast the time has gone! He was really looking forward to his birthday this year - I think this is the first year he has really anticipated it. We spent the day with our neighbors across the street and had a great time!
Each year we try to do a special activity with Philip on his birthday. This year he asked to go to the water park. It was our first time visiting and we had a great time. I wasn't able to get any good pictures since I had a little girl clinging to me the whole time, but he really enjoyed the Lazy River and just playing in the shallow water. We enjoyed lunch there and a little time at a park to warm up (can you believe it was almost too cold to go to the water park in the middle of July?). Then we stayed much later then anticipated and got home with about an hour to spare before his party.
Philip chose a race car theme this year and I had fun getting it all decorated. As someone who was scared of having a little boy and knowing what to do with one, it amuses me how much fun I have planning a little boy party. For dinner we had:
Hot Rods - hot dogs
Race Cars - apple cars
Dipsticks - veggie sticks and breadsticks with hummus
Ball Bearing - grapes
Fire Balls - cheese balls
Nuts and Bolts - peanuts and pretzels
Checkered Flag Dip - chocolate chip cookie dough dip

Motor Fuel
Some party games

Philip had a blast running around with his buddies - you could just see how hyped up he was about the party. Just before opening gifts I took Philip into the restroom. He was ready to bolt out of the bathroom as quickly as possible. "I am just so excited!" he said as he hopped around on the floor waiting to be released.

Gifts this year included Hungry Hungry Hippos, a Hot Wheels Track, Automoblox, a traveling car mat, an Octonauts book, a farm, a watergun, a playdough fire truck, and a train video.

 The guys had fun setting up the Hot Wheels track

Bringing him up to bed that night I asked Philip how he liked being four.
"It's good," he said, "...almost tall as you."
Happy Birthday Philip!

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