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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Marvelous May


May was the last month of preschool for Philip. Mommy was wishing it would last all summer - I loved the afternoon preschool schedule for our family! Oh yeah, and I am sad that Philip is growing up so fast - kindergarten next year - I'm already bracing myself!

We kept busy this month with our regular activities, plus a lot going on at the school. This month, they hosted a Mother's Day tea. The kids performed some songs and rhymes and then gave us a gift of a sweet beaded bracelet. Afterwards, we enjoyed the best of kid snacks (popcorn, pretzels, Hershey's kisses) and iced tea/lemonade. I loved watching Philip at school and even though he didn't actually sing or talk during the presentation, he did the moves, so I was proud of my shy little guy!

The following week, the class took a field trip to a pirate ship in Annapolis. They had enough room for the whole family, so Andy took the day off and we all went together. Afterwards we stopped at the Amish market and a frozen yogurt shop.

Finally, there was graduation day! The kids performed many of the songs and poems they learned this year, and then received their diplomas. It was too cute!

Future graduate

We traveled to North Carolina to celebrate the First Holy Communion of one of our nephews. It was also Mother's Day weekend, so we enjoyed spending it with Andy's Mom and some of my sister-in-laws.

On Memorial Day weekend, we went downtown to attend Andy's former intern's First Mass as an ordained priest. Afterwards we went to the National Building Museum for our first visit and out to eat. The following day, we went to a State park where they had a fun recycled tire playground and nice hiking area. The kids loved it!

Every parent's dream - a padded room for their kids to play in!

He insisted on bringing (and using) his roller skates at the park

Philip is quite obsessed with making funny faces in the mirror and can entertain himself for a long time when I ask him to simply wash his hands. He was laughing hysterically one day when I took him into a changing room that had three full-length mirrors - he had the best time! Literally overnight he picked up a habit of saying quickly, "Umm umm" when he is excited to tell us something.  He is starting to ask a lot of questions about what words mean when we are talking - learning new things every day! Philip has been busy making lists, including his plans for the summer, plans for what he wants to do with Andy after he graduates, birthday ideas for Daddy (in November), and a list of what we saw on a recent hike. He learned to throw a Frisbee really well and also made his first basket in a full-sized basketball goal.

Making a list while out hiking

Julia also has a good Frisbee throw of her own. The technique isn't perfect, but she can make that Frisbee fly! When we read books she is very concerned about where the character's parents are if they are not pictured on each page. She also notices anytime someone is not wearing shoes and wants to know where their shoes are and why they would be barefoot while outside. Julia has developed quite the potty mouth (not bad words - she literally likes to talk about the potty) and is being a bad example for her brother. Philip never really liked to talk about potty stuff, but Julia has gotten him into it, especially talking about Poopy Monsters everywhere we go. I thought that was supposed to be a boy thing!

Just too tired to go upstairs for a nap

Woke up with Band aids in her hair and came out to help me garden

These two have become such close friends! I love to hear their conversations and watch them experience life together.

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