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Monday, August 3, 2015

Julia's Jokes V

After a fire truck passed us:
Julia: Where are they going?
Me: They must be going to help someone.
Julia: Yeah. They are going to help someone with a bear.

At school pick up Julia heard a girl scream with delight as she ran out of the school building:
"Is that an elephant?"

As Philip got into the car at school pick up one day, Julia said urgently:
"I have to tell you something Philip...we don't have any lolli's." (lollipops)


As I cracked peanuts for her:
"Hello peanuts, my name is I want to eat you!"

After finding that one of her markers was dried out:
"Awww, it's out of batteries!"

After yawning:
Me: A yawny? Are you already tired?
Julia: No, I'm not tired. That was just a morning yawn.

Julia: Mommy, you can't go into the water when we get to the beach.
Me: Why?
Julia: Because you might need to get someone a cookie.

"I'm going to take pictures of the whales. I hope they say cheeeese."

"I couldn't get out of bed because my hair was sweaty."

"All I want for my birthday are tails, strings, and scarves."

After receiving a package from Oriental Trading with birthday supplies:
"Yay, I got a flamingo!"

Me: Who do you want to invite to your birthday party?
Julia: I just want all my people that I want to be there.

"Why are ants ticklish?"

Reading a question from a food container:
Me: If you could fly anywhere in a hot air balloon, where would you want to go?
Julia pointing to her right: Ummm, that way!

While closing the door to her bedroom with Philip and I inside (the only other people home):
"I'm closing my door because I need some privacy."

"You have to come to my meeting. It's a Hickory Dickory meeting."

Signing her name on a card:
"Q-I-O-P-G-I-S. There - Julia!"

Julia: I want a snack.
Me: You are hungry a lot lately. I wonder if you're having a growth spurt.
Julia: I want some of that.
Me: Some of what?
Julia: I want to eat a growth spurt.

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