"I have told you this so that my joy might be in you and your joy might be complete." John 15:11

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Li'l Pumpkin

Last weekend Andy turned in Chapter 5 (out of 7) of his dissertation.  Yippy!  It was his longest chapter yet, weighing in at 137 pages, including over 500 footnotes.  When Andy first told me he hit 500 footnotes I asked, "In your whole dissertation?" to which he just laughed.  No, it was 500 footnotes for the chapter.  And to think that when he was first discussing writing on this topic, his director wondered if there would be enough to write about!

Sunday was a celebration day.  After mass and making calls home, we headed out to a garden center that was having a fall festival.  We mainly went to get pictures of Philip with the pumpkins, but they had all the typical fall festival things to do.  We ran into some folks from church - the husband runs a popcorn stand at special events as a side business.  Free popcorn for us - yeah!  This was our first time to the gardens and what we saw of it was really impressive.  We may go back at Christmastime when they do a festival of lights.  That evening we ordered pizza and rented a movie - so Andy went a full day without doing any dissertation work.  We had so much fun hanging out together as a family and we are so looking forward to the day Andy deposits his dissertation so we can enjoy more carefree weekends like this.


  1. Such a cutie!

    Yes, I'm so going to celebrate when the dissertations are done!

  2. I am still stuck on the dissertation part-I am writing mine now (4 chpts, likely 125 pages TOTAL, and we don't use footnotes in our field but my reference page is gonna be insane). Anyway, I have a new appreciation for the both of you. Hang in there!
    Great pumpkin pics too!

  3. Awww! I love your little pumpkin! Yay for a much-needed break from the dissertation!

  4. Those pictures are soooo cute! Congrats to Andy for getting chapter 5 done . . . the end is in sight!!

  5. Such adorable pictures! Glad to hear that Andy is making progress on the dissertation and got a break from it.