"I have told you this so that my joy might be in you and your joy might be complete." John 15:11

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fun Week

Andy and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary last week.  Time has flown by so fast, I can't believe it has already been nine years!  It was Restaurant Week in Baltimore, so we went out to a nice meal downtown and then caught the tail end of a jazz concert in a local park.  After we got home we decided to watch one show on TV and then promptly fell to sleep on the couch at 10:00.  It felt great the next day!  I got an extra 1.5 hours of sleep that night.  If only I could discipline myself to go to sleep so early every night. 

I got together for lunch with a great group of girls and their little ones. I started meeting these girls online and in person about three years ago as we were all trying to build our families.  Each of these ladies has had a beautiful story unfold in their lives over the last couple years. It was great to meet up and see everyone with their babies!  We keep praying for our blogger friends who are still waiting on their miracles.

Over the weekend we went up to Pennsylvania for the baptism of our friend's newest baby.  We met our friends in college and they moved up to PA a few years ago.  We haven't had a chance to go up to visit them in a couple years, so it was great to get together again.  Another couple from college came down with their kids as well.  Philip had a blast playing with all the kids.  It was a great trip, but it went by way too quickly.

Philip's new buddies

I've been going to a Mom's exercise group the past couple weeks getting ready for an upcoming trip to the beach.  I also just joined our local Mom's Club and look forward to getting involved in that group.  I'm still working three hours a day which can be tough, but I think I'll be cutting my hours back soon.  Andy has cut about 90 pages from his dissertation so far and is preparing for a big meeting at work this week.  His brother is coming up for a conference and will be staying with us.  Looks like it will be another busy week!

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