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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Philip's New Sayings

Philip's has some signature taglines these days.  Here are a few.

"I need"
I need cat
I need lunch
I need outside
I need cookie

"No way!"
When I go to change his clothes or diaper, he yells:
Oh no! No way! Oh no! No way! No way! No way! Aaaaaaahhhh!

He will check on Julia when she is napping and if she is awake he tells me, Eyes, eyes!

Miss Eyes
"That's Silly"
Philip: Daddy
Me: Where's Daddy?
Philip: Silence
Me: Daddy's at work.
Philip: That's silly!
Whatever you say, boss.

"I'm Coming"
This week I heard his trains saying repeatedly, "I'm coming, I'm coming, I coming." I knew immediately he got that from me.  Every time he wants me to go somewhere or do something, he hears me say, "I'm coming, just let me grab my water." "I'm coming, just let me put away lunch." "I'm coming, just let me get your sister." etc., etc., etc.

Don't forget about me, guys!

Need I say more? It is so helpful that he now says yes consistently.

"I want Daddy."
If he doesn't get what he wants from me, he will throw a tantrum and yell, "I want Daddy."  Ugh!  This has started already?  A lot of times my response is, "Me too!"

I normally think they have pretty distinct looks.
But seeing this picture, what do you think?
Do they look alike?

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