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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Latest from Here

Time for an update! 

Julia at one month

Julia is 8 weeks old today.  I can't believe it!  She has been a great little baby.  She eats well, is growing well, and sleeps well.  Right now she only gets up twice a night, sometimes once, so that is great!  She also started to smile and coo in the last few weeks and is starting to have fun playing a bit.  We were amazed at how much she would sleep in a day for the first month.  It seemed like she was never awake, except to eat.  That is changing slowly and I know her schedule will be ever-evolving . She is very pleasant all the time and the only things that she complains about are baths (except she loves to have her hair washed) and sitting at stoplights in the car.  This is so different than Philip, who was sensitive to everything and screamed his head off anytime we changed him, dressed him, bathed him, put him down in anything (car seat, stroller, bouncer, swing), or didn't feed him within 10 seconds of his first sign of hunger.  Now of course Philip is a very sweet, easy-going little boy, so who knows what Julia's personality will be like later.

My sister made this cute little outfit for Julia!

Philip is also doing well.  The transition to big brotherhood has gone much smoother than I imagined.  He for the most part just does his own thing, but he will occasionally try to entertain Julia and always gives her kisses goodnight.  That isn't to say that there are no hard times, but he is two years old, so that is the norm!  He has started to "sulk" a lot.  When we correct him about something or he doesn't get his way, he will stop whatever he is doing (if he isn't throwing a tantrum) and put his head down in a chair or lay on the floor. He recently started to add grunting to the routine.  A few moments later he will pop up as chipper as ever!

Watching pig races at the county fair!

Philip has a few new things going on.  He is getting more independent. "I help." is a common phrase around here.   He is also very good at saying "thank you" and "sorry."  He says sorry all the time, even if there is no reason to say it.  Like if he trips and falls down, he will get up, smile and say, sorry!  Or the other day we went on a walk and his stroller got hung up on a few bumps in the sidewalk.  Each time he would call out to us, sorry! 

"Making cookies" is a new favorite activity for Philip

We get a laugh out of another thing he does.  When he and Andy go to play in the basement, Andy is always itching to play his new electric guitar.  Philip does not like the electric, but he is okay with the acoustic or classical guitars.  If Philip gets preoccupied with something, Andy will get out the electric and start playing.  As soon as Andy starts playing, Philip will yell, "Choo choo!," trying to get Andy to stop and play with him.  If Andy doesn't stop, he goes over and pulls the plug out of the guitar, while saying "sorry" with a sweet little smile.

First lollipop

I'm doing well.  It took a full month to really recover from the c-section, but now I feel as good as new. I had to get readjusted to all the couch time that is required with a newborn.  I am kind of liking it now, but it was challenging at first.  Both kids usually nap at the same time in the afternoons, so I have a little time with my hands free and am usually working on projects or cleaning around the house while I can.  If Andy is home, I have been able to run errands kid-free, which is great! 

Me with two kids!!!

Andy is busy as always with work.  He still has some paternity leave and takes a couple days off a week.  This really helps break things up for us.  We usually try to get out of the house to do something together, whether it is a field trip, or just going on a walk or out to lunch.  We are so thankful for this extra time we get to spend together as a family and will be sad to see it end.

Andy and Julia sharing a laugh

Here are a few extra favorite pictures from September.

Grandma got lots of time with little Miss Snuggles during her visit
Everyday Grandpa would take Philip to the pond to feed the ducks after lunch

 I realized they were matching one day and talked Philip into sitting in a chair with his sister

He sat as far from her as possible!

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  1. My, how time has flown! 8 weeks already! Thanks for all the photos and updates. We love to hear news from you guys.