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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Philip Funnies VII

We went to the farm one morning. During lunch we were talking about all the animals we saw. I brought up the turkey.
Philip: Turkeys are real great for me to eat!

Me: After dinner tonight I'll be going out to a meeting.
Philip: And me and Daddy and that guy (pointing to Julia) and that guy (pointing to himself) and me, and Philip will stay home!

"Hey, you need to do something, like something or something."

After making a mess in the basement. "I know better."

After explaining to him how trick-or-treating works. "Okay. I'll try it."

On another occasion, coaching him about the trick-or-treating process:
Me: When someone opens the door, what do you say?
Philip: Candy!!!

Philip: Look at that construction site!
Me: What do you think they are building?
Philip: No, that construction site not building.
Me: What is it doing?
Philip: It's napping. (It was shut down after hours)

He pulled out the Scrabble board to play with.
Me: Let's spell you name.
Philip: No, Mommy! That's too dangerous!

After finding a missing game piece: "I was looking for it like crazy!"

On his Baptism anniversary we took him out for an ice cream. After discussing that he wanted a dirt and worms ice cream cup, he told Andy, "You like dirt cups like worms do."

Philip: Whoa, look at all the birdies!
Me: Wow! They are flying fast!
Philip: They're going to a party.

One day we were making sugar cookies. After cutting out a shape I would put the cookie in Philip's hand and he would transfer it to the cookie sheet. As he held up his hand he would tell me, "Put it in my paw, Mommy."

"Do baby want to brush her molars?"

Philip: Can I have raisins?
Me: They are actually Craisins, they're dried cranberries.
Philip: Oh, cranbabies?

After allowing Philip play with him for a while, Herbie ran under the bed.
Philip: Herbie come out. Can we talk? Can we talk it over?

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  1. LOL. Priceless. And I am so going to use that napping metaphor!