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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Philip Funnies XIII

Following a bathroom visit, I noticed that Philip had forgotten to pull up his pants.
Me: Pull up your pants, silly!
Philip: Hoo! I can't be doing this all weekend.

After handing him something: "Thank you, partner!" He has also been calling us all Sonny. "Thank you, Sonny." "Here you go, Sonny."

While riding on an elevated train at the airport: "Is this a flying train?"

Preparing to watch a horse race: "And maybe there will be snails there because snails love horses."

Upon finding both kids rubbing my eyeshadow all over the bed, I put Philip in timeout. "And you have to put Baby in timeout because Babe's was the messer, too."

Andy: Those are your two options.
Philip: I don't want two options. I want seven options!

"I'm tired of this day."

After being encouraged to eat more dinner: "My belly is going to pop!"

While being pushed on the swing: "More speed, Daddy. I want more speed!"

While walking through the airport on a recent trip: "Are we going to ride in a rocket ship?"

Philip: What is that noise?
Me: An airplane
Philip: So it's not a dragon?

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