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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Julia's Jokes II

At the playground:
"There are two slides here. One for Daddy and one for the cat."

Seeing my pjs.
"Maybe one day I can get jammies like those. "
Pointing to her ballerina footie pajamas.
"Maybe you can have some like these one day. When you get tiny, you can try these on."

While watching a show where Santa loses his reindeer:
"Mommy, Santa lost his donkey."

At the tree farm, which was a pumpkin patch a couple months earlier. Julia noticed that the pumpkin patch had been mowed over and asked, "Why is it all pump'ed out?"

Trying to zip up her jacket:
"It's not zippening!"

"This is baby Jesus. I'm not baby Jesus. I'm a girl."

"Now I'm going to drive to South Carolina. Everyone hold on tight!"

After showing her some new socks, Julia wondered why she needed new ones.
Me: Well, you are getting older and so your whole body is growing, including your feet!
Julia: My feets are growing up! Why are my feets growing up?

Me: Why don't you read a story?
Julia: No, I  can't!  'Cause I'm too old!

Andy: Who do you want to pray for tonight?
Julia: Ummm...Christoff and the reindeer.

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