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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Julia's Joke III


After opening the blinds one morning:
Me: Wow, it is a foggy morning!
Julia: Let me see.
After looking out the window for a couple minutes:
Julia: Where are all the froggies? I don't see any froggies. Maybe they all hopped away.

"Does a moose say oose?"

Julia: I am going to pick out a special sweater.
Me: Yes, you should pick out something special because it's Valentine's Day!
Julia: This is a special sweater because it's clean.

"My rice doesn't like my belly."

Playing with cards:
Me: Do you want me to shuffle?
Julia: No! I'm going to snuffalo!

"I don't like it when lizards scratch my face."

Getting ready to "read" her bible, Julia turns to the story of Creation:
"How God created God."

While I adjusted an unruly diaper before bed:
"Stop it! That's my toot! My toot wants to be alone!"

Rubbing her eyes:
"I'm getting the nap out of my eyes."

 Me: Julia, look up and smile.

Julia: What is that book?
Me: I Love You because You're You.
Julia: Oh, I Love You by Your Knees.
She then proceeded to read each page of the book, "I love you by your knees and I love you by your knees." "I love you by your knees and I love you by your knees."

Julia: What are you doing?
Me: Clipping my nails because they were getting long.
Julia: Oh, are my nails getting tall?

"My tea is calling to me."

"Sometimes I'm big like a squirrel."

"Sometimes when I eat, my teeth growl."

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