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Monday, October 26, 2015

Catching Up: August

August was a whirlwind of activity. It always is, as we have a lot to celebrate in August, but this year was even bigger!

We took the kids to the water park one weekend. They had a blast! Philip was in swim lessons most of the summer and loved practicing his skills at the water park. Afterwards we went to a nearby boardwalk with a cute little beach and shopping area. We stopped into an old-fashioned candy store and everyone found a little something.

We went to our first/only baseball game of the summer - a minor league game. Philip had fun and may be ready for a MLB game - Julia isn't there quite yet! They had fun riding the merry-go-round and eating treats. We watched fireworks from our car before leaving (they still aren't fans of the noise).

Andy and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. We went out to a nice restaurant along a river overlooking Annapolis. It was a rainy night, so we weren't able to sit outside, but we still had a window seat with nice views of the bridge and downtown.

Philip wanted to visit Andy at work, so we found a day where we could go in for a visit. They were so proud to wear visitor badges. It was a nice day, so we ate outside in the courtyard. We visited the koi pond just as an employee was coming to give the fish their lunch. He gave the kids the food and they had a blast feeding them!


Andy's brother and family came up for several days for a visit. The cousins loved playing together. We all went to a bounce house place for Julia's birthday and one day visited the John Paul II Shrine in DC.



We celebrated Julia's 3rd birthday! She first asked for a Hello Kitty party, but after a few days, she changed it to a Let it Go (Frozen) party. She invited neighbors, her baby-sitter, one of Philip's friends, and of course the family we had in town. We made snow that the kids played with outside and she ordered "pa-sketty" for dinner.


We also celebrated my birthday. We had a little pre-celebration with the in-town family - pizza and cake. The following day, Andy took me out to dinner and the kids surprised me with gifts - so thoughtful!

Once that whirlwind ended, we had a week to get ready for school. We were assigned Philip's teachers, and they were kind enough to let us visit them one-on-one before school began. Philip was able to pick out his own cubby and check out the classroom without a lot of other kids around. That weekend, the school hosted a picnic for the Kindergartners. They did a scavenger hunt where the kids got to see the different classrooms they will be using throughout the school. We had a great lunch, and enjoyed meeting other parents and classmates.


Finally, Philip's first day of school arrived. You know that the first day of Kindergarten is hard on parents, but when it is you going through it - whoa! It may have been a little harder on me since Philip has always been home with me, except a couple hours several days a week last year for preschool. We were so proud of Philip! He went right to his classroom and desk, and didn't get clingy or act apprehensive at all.

All ready to bring Philip to school - and stay herself?

The first day was a half-day, so we went out to lunch afterwards. He had a good day at school and his only qualm was that "they didn't teach me how to read." That Friday on the way home, we were discussing how his friends had their first day of school that day. He said, "I hope they had fun at school. I had fun. I love school!" That was a big deal for a little guy who was apprehensive of going to school and concerned about having to go every day. We really like Philip's teachers and the school has a very welcoming and joyful atmosphere. We are so glad we chose this school for Philip this year!

 The kids took it hard when they realized that we were trapped in the parking lot 
until the teachers dismissed us the first day.
You send them to Kindergarten, and the next thing you know 
they are driving the family car!

Julia has been doing great with all the adjustments our new schedule brings. She usually asks to pick Philip up from school at about 10:00 in the morning.They became good buddies and playmates over the summer, so it is sad to see them split up during the day. However, I am enjoying having some time alone with my little girl this fall. Julia started wanting to wear dresses each day and she has one in particular that is her favorite and that she asks for nearly every day (see pics from Andy's office). She started drawing some pictures that are partially recognizable this summer (as long as she tells you what she has drawn, you can make it out). She regularly gets confused about what big/little or older/younger means. For example, she will often tell me that when I get bigger I will be able to wear her clothes. It is super cute to hear her view on things.

Philip has become super content with playing with his toys and can entertain himself for longer periods of time. He rarely asks to watch TV anymore, which is very welcome. It is too bad that as soon as he got easier to handle, I have to send him off to school! One of his favorite sayings is, "That's so rusty!"

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