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Friday, January 15, 2016

Julia's Jokes VI

Andy: I'm going to eat your toes.
Julia: No! You can't eat my toes because they are decorative toes.

Philip: Julia, come upstairs with me!
Julia: I can't come upstairs because I'm pregnant!

While being a ringleader in a lot of mischief while Andy was out of town, I threatened to call Andy to tell him about the kid's behavior.
"Oh! Daddy will be delighted!"

After reading a book that said camels have very long eyelashes to protect their eyes from sand:
"Do you have super eyebrows? The kind that keeps the sand out of your eyes?"

"My teacher is going to love my awful dress!"

"Philip gave me crackers because I was as hungry as a goat...I was hungrier than a goat!"

"Mommy, don't steal our liberty, okay?"

Andy: This is your left foot.
Julia: No, that is not my foot. That is a skin bottom.

Me: Is it fun having a baby sister?
Julia: No, having a baby sister is not fun because there are alligators in our living room.

After getting our room all straightened up in advance of company arriving, the kids brought in their books and stacked them haphazardly on every flat surface in the room. Bringing me in to show me:
"Do you like it? Say thank you!"

Julia: Do fishies sometimes bite our legs?
Me: Sometimes they come up to take a nibble, just to see what we are.
Julia: To see if we are a bear?

Looking at her tongue in the mirror: "Oh, that is a fascinating tongue!"

"Philip, the sea urchins didn't spike me, buddy!"

"I don't want anymore milk. My belly's all soaking wet."

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