"I have told you this so that my joy might be in you and your joy might be complete." John 15:11

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Week in Review

Last week was pretty busy.  On Monday night, Philip and I got to hang out with these lovely ladies:

Little Miss S cuddled right up to Philip for a picture, but I'm afraid the little man got nervous with all the camera flashes.
Tuesday was Philip's doctor's appointments and shots. I have no idea what happened on Wednesday!  On Thursday Philip and I went out for a walk with a girl I met at a church picnic this summer.  She actually lives on the next street over from us and has a 5 month old son.  We are hoping to get out for walks every week.  As you can imagine, we had lots to talk about!

On Friday I reconnected with my friend/bridesmaid Jen at Ruby Coco.  We hadn't talked in a couple years, but we reconnected after she got our birth announcement.  She had a little girl (her first baby) exactly three weeks after Philip was born, so we compared notes.  I asked her to make us one of her beautiful wall paintings (scroll down on the linked site) for Philip's room.  I'll share it on here once we have it - could be a while.  I told her no rush.  I know how it is to have limited time with two free hands. 

Every fall and spring our town has a little craft fair and it is close enough that we can walk down to it.  So we did that for a bit on Saturday.  We don't usually buy anything, we basicaly end up going down there to eat lunch!  We did end up buying a Christmas ornament.  Our Kiwanis Club creates an ornament each year depicting something unique in our community.  We got the "Santa Cruise" ornament.  Santa Cruise is when the fire department drives Santa through the neighborhoods around Christmas time.  Even A and I have fun looking out the window as Santa drives down our street on the fire truck!  As I'm writing this, I am remembering that last year we were at Outback Steakhouse with Aunt Pam, Beth, and Abby when Santa drove through the parking lot.  They were in town for Sister Rosary's profession of vows I believe.

Yesterday we had a visit from one of Andy's co-workers and his wife.  Joyce is a seamstress and she embroidered all of Philip's stats on a cloth and framed it for us.  They also brought us a gift certificate to a local restaurant.  Here they are meeting Philip:
Miss Joyce must have really entertained Philip because he stayed up all afternoon and never really got fussy.  Looks like he is having a good time to me:

Last night I made Andy take some pictures of me with the little guy.  Andy is more of the video person and I am the camera person, so I was feeling like I needed some pics with Philip.  Here is my favorite:
Have a great week!


  1. Awe, how beautiful. Good shooting, A!

    Sounds like an awesome week.

    I know S and her mom A. I cannot believe how big S is getting too. How do they grow so fast!?!? It is a conspiracy.

    The girls got to see Santa drive by the house last year. I don't know where they got the idea for it but my girls really enjoyed it. Such a little thing and yet so nice they do it.

    Don't you hate when they get shots. I need to prepare for it. I swear it is worse for parents than the kids. In June the doc tried to pull surprise shots for F and C when they were only accompanying me for E's appointment. Being unprepared, I declined. Hope P is feeling better!

  2. YES -- we were at Outback and got to see Santa 'cruise' through. That was so much fun. Loved seeing that as a kid, and still love it now. :-) Congrats on your little bundle. He is SO cute!! What a true miracle and blessing from our Lord. I love being able to catch up with you guys - and watch him grow through this blog. Lots of love and prayers!! Abby

  3. Great pictures and it was wonderful meeting up with you all. Little P is adorable. Keep the pictures coming! :)