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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

House Tour Stop #2: The Kitchen

Next stop on the tour is our awesome kitchen!  I love that I have enough space to put food in the pantry versus taking up precious cabinet space with food.

 I was inspired by the previous owner to keep as few appliances as possible on the counter, so most of them are now in our closet. 
 I built the microwave stand while watching the Super Bowl!  (My favorite commercial was the little kid dressed up as Darth Vadar - too cute!)

Here is our table/office/Philip's play chair (he's not so into eating right now, but he likes to sit up high and play with toys).  Andy uses our kitchen table to work on his dissertation each night, hence the random bookcase in the kitchen and the lamp next to the microwave stand.  I tend to like to work here as well.  Sooo, the kitchen table is usually covered with books and papers which is one of the reasons why it took a couple months for me to take pics of the kitchen even though it was the first room I set up.

Here is one of my first little DIY projects in the house.  The previous owner left this bulletin board in the kitchen which was great!  I had seen it when we were touring the house and was planning to buy something like this (but at a much cheaper price) to replace it when we moved in.  But since she left hers, we stuck with the free bulletin board.  However, the silver frame with gray fabric was kind of utilitarian looking, so I fixed what I could. 


I'm still not a fan of the grey background, but this spiced it up a bit.  Guess I need to put up more pics to cover the rest of the fabric!


  1. I love your kitchen! It really is beautiful!

  2. Your kitchen is beautiful!! LOVE the countertops and cabinets - makes it look so clean and crisp. Love getting to see your new house room by room.

  3. Beautiful kitchen!