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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

8 Months

Philip is 8 months old!  Does it seem like you are always reading Philip's monthly updates, because it seems like I am always posting them! 

We spent the entire month waiting for him to crawl.  He would constantly get up on hands and knees and rock back and forth.  He started moving his legs, but hadn't figured out how to move his arms yet, so he ususally ended up on his face.

He all of a sudden started taking his pacifier one week.  It probably felt good on his gums as he was getting close to cutting his two front teeth.

He is babbling a lot more now and starting to say vowels.  Yes, I will admit that he is starting to say "Dadadadada!"  He also makes a lot of raspberries when he is frustrated.

Philip thinks it's funny when we impersonate his sounds - that is how I got him to smile for his giraffe pictures.

Blabber mouth

He continued to boycott solids, but started making progress in the last week of the month.  I finally gave up on the advice to introduce vegetables before fruits and he thought apples and bananas were okay.  My sister introduced me to Mum Mums and he started to eat those too.

This is what Philip looks like when he is tasting a new food for the first time:

And here is what he looks like after:

Here are a few more of the cutest pics this month:

These are his skinny pants.  For some reason this outfit has really form-fitting legs - maybe trying to keep up with the latest trend in jeans?

This is his Olivia smile (my neice always has these big open-mouthed grins)

I love hugs!
This is the smile he got from his Dad's side of the family

Giraffe attacking Philip!


  1. Oh my gosh he is getting so big!!! I swear the next time I look he'll be walking.

  2. He really has grown hasn't he? He has the greatest smile too and is a perfect combination of you and Andy. :-)