"I have told you this so that my joy might be in you and your joy might be complete." John 15:11

Friday, April 1, 2011

Guess Who Dressed the Baby

Philip got his front two teeth last week, so we had some rough nights.  On weeknights I try to take the brunt of baby duty since Andy has a decent commute to work each day and I want him to be well-rested.  So I couldn't wait for Friday night to come and the chance to sleep in Saturday morning.

Even though Andy had barely gotten any sleep Friday night as he stayed up until 3:00 am working on his dissertation, he cheerfully got up and spent some time in the morning with Philip.  When they came into the room to wake me up for Philip's breakfast, I was surprised to see he was already dressed for the day.  But I had to laugh as I looked at the outfit (admittedly it doesn't look quite as bad in a tiny picture on a blog as it did in real life).

He thought this blue and charcoal grey shirt was blue and brown?  So he put on brown pants with yellow detailing (the shirt has a matching pair of pants).  Then he added some semi-matching socks.

Apparently it was stripe day, because he added a striped onesie to the striped shirt and striped socks.  At least this brown and white onesie matched the pants.

But the thing that made me laugh the most was that his shirt was on backwards!

We had  a good laugh and although I tease him, I am so thankful to have Andy's help and support.  I am so blessed by my two boys!


  1. Funny! And no, it doesn't look bad at all in the pictures :).

  2. Your detail def provided clarity-how funny! My dh does the same thing. How sweet of your dh to let you sleep in after all that work on the paper, not that it isn't well deserved on your part!