"I have told you this so that my joy might be in you and your joy might be complete." John 15:11

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

14 Months

Philip is 14 months old!  I think the best way to describe Philip's month is "much ado about nothing."  Yes, he is in the toddler tantrum stage.  I told Andy that I really need to work on my reaction to his tantrums because I find it so hard not to smile or laugh when I see this sweet little face...

...especially when I know that he is throwing an all-out crying/scream-fest because I did something as small as closing the dishwasher door. 

He loves playing in the refrigerator and dishwasher.

We've had lots of happy times too, starting with our first family vacation to the beach.

Philip was taking a few steps at a time at that point, but still preferred crawling as his major mode of transportation.  In the weeks following, he has grown by leaps and bounds and now walks most of the time.

He is learning a lot of new "hand tricks."  He can clap and wave.  He also folds his hands when we say grace before meals - so sweet!

He loves his play tent and aquarium, his newest toys from his great aunt and uncle. 

Herbie is having fun with them too!

He is experimenting with talking more and has developed what I call a "robot voice" that he likes to use sometimes.  I haven't heard any distinguishable words, although it really did seem like he was trying to imitate me saying banana the other day.  Perhaps that will be his first word after Mama and Dada.

A typical boy, he loves having his feet smelled and being told how stinky they are. Of course, they aren't really, but this usually cracks him up and can diffuse a temper tantrum pretty quickly. 

Lots of cute pics this month:

Both Herbie and Philip got scared by a big thunderstorm that came out of nowhere one day.  Luckily we were all safe together!

Watermelon eating:

Daddy shared his sno cone with Philip at the Labor Day Festival:
All gone?

Taking out all the wipes from the package...


...and trying to put them all back in again.

Losing his britches this weekend:
Go Dawgs!

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