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Sunday, October 30, 2011

15 Months

Philip is 15 months old!  He is busy, busy, busy all the time. 

Favorite activities include climbing on things he shouldn't and throwing things he shouldn't!  He loves taking things out of our living room and slamming them on the tile in the kitchen.  He also tries to throw things at or bang things on the poor cat.  We are in a constant state of "redirecting" him. 

He is starting to say a few words.  He still says banana (I know, three syllables, he is very advanced).  It usually sounds like "a-na-na!" He imitates the funny way I say banana while I cut up his fruit.  He also very clearly said the word yes one day when I asked him if he wanted some more food.  Of course, I kept trying to get him to say it again, and he never did.  Now, if I ask him a question, sometimes I hear, "s" and I take that as him saying yes.  His other new word is yeah!  He only said it once while Andy was changing his diaper one day.  I heard him yell it out while I was downstairs.  We obviously conditioned him to associate the word yeah with clapping, because now when we say it, he will drop what he is doing, smile broadly, and clap his hands together.  It is a handy trick when he is holding onto something that I don't want him to have!

Butternut squash mac and cheese was a big hit at dinnertime

He loves being outside and screams if he has to go inside or get in the car without a little playtime outdoors.  He is able to walk right out the front door and will even walk back inside on his own now.  He is pretty good about waiting for me to help him down a couple steps on his way out. 

Throwing mulch out of our gate

He also loves slides.  One of our neighbors has a little toddler slide that has become a community toy. He climbs up the ladder on his own, but hasn't quite figured out how to sit himself forward to go down the slide yet.  If I weren't there to help him, I'm pretty sure he would go down face first.  I have also been reminded of how fun going down a slide is.  I take him to a little playground near our house, but since it is for older kids and the slide is really big, I have to go down it with him.  So fun!

He has full out stranger anxiety now.  He has always been shy, but these days he can be pretty anti-social. If someone talks to him, he will often turn his head away or hide between my legs until they leave.  Even the kids in the neighborhood make him anxious at times.  He loves to watch them playing outside while he eats his meals.  When we go outside, they come running, saying "Hello, little Philip!"  It is so cute to watch him interact with the kids.

We had his 15 month appointment this week and all is well.  The doctor was impressed by his development - he is a little ahead of where he should be on all his skills.  He grew an inch and gained 0.6 lbs since his 12 month appointment.  My baby boy has changed so much since then!

Fun from the month:

He grew tall enough to reach in the kitchen drawers. 
He helps me put away utensils from the dishwasher.

He started making a cheesy, scrunchy nose smile this month

Tough guy

He loved the doggies on the feet of his new pjs

I made Andy a pie this month and made a little
cinnamon sugar crust for Philip.  He approved!

Mischief of the Month:  Pouring an entire bag of bread crumbs
on the floor and then gobbling them up!

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  1. He is getting SO big! Enjoy the new words - I love when they learn "yes" before they learn "no." :)