"I have told you this so that my joy might be in you and your joy might be complete." John 15:11

Monday, October 17, 2011

Backyard Makeover Stage 1

When we moved into our house, this is what our back "yard" looked like. 

It left much to be desired.  Under all the fallen leaves, we were left with dirt and gravel.  At some point a previous owner decided to make a rock garden.  They didn't put a liner down before pouring in the rocks, so over the years the rocks got buried in the first 1-2 inches of our yard. 

When my Dad came up to visit in June, one of his "assignments" was to help me come up with something to do with the yard.  We visited a nursery to get ideas about plants and he drew up some plans for us.  When he came back up for Philip's birthday, the plan was to get the yard squared away.  Unfortunately a heat/humidity wave came through which put yard work on hold.  Even at 8:00 in the morning it was stifling out there.  He did help get us to this point before it got too hot later in the week.



I have been itching to get outside to work on the yard, but with a hot summer and a September where we only saw one sunny day, for the most part it was put on the back burner.  The last two weekends we finally had beautiful weather and I spent pretty much all of Philip's nap times outside.  I dug out the top two layers of dirt and gravel, then got to the fun part.  As of this weekend, here is our new backyard!

I am so happy with how it looks right now and there are still more plans for adding flowers and decorations next spring.  For now, I am happy to have a private place to go where my little guy can explore without having to worry about him getting muddy or eating/throwing rocks. 

It is so relaxing sitting out in the back now.  Thanks for your help Dad!


  1. Oh my gosh! That looks AMAZING! You need to send your before and after to a magazine or something. It looks incredible!!! So picturesque and relaxing. I want to come sit on the swing with you and relax in your serene backyard!