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Friday, September 28, 2012

Support Orphans through the Little Flower Projects

"I'd like to ask God why He lets poverty and injustice exist, why there are so many orphans and why He does nothing about it, but I am afraid He would ask me the same question."

One of my good friends has a huge heart for orphans, specifically children in China.  It looks like adoption isn't an option right now, so she has found another way to reach out.  Katie is coordinating a Virtual 5K for the Little Flower Projects.  The Little Flower Projects was started by a husband and wife, graduates of Franciscan University of Steubenville.  Little Flower Projects takes care of orphans in China who need extra care and medical attention. She hopes to raise enough money to cover the salary of one Nanny for 6 months, which is approximately $2,000.

In case you are wondering (I was), a Virtual 5K means that anyone, anywhere can participate! You can walk, run, or do something healthy in the name of the orphans anytime between October 13-October 21.  Of course, you can skip that part and just donate to the cause as well!  For more information, click here

For those who live near us, there will be a meetup at a local park on October 20.  There will be a fun run/walk with refreshments afterwards and there is a great playground and pond to enjoy as well.  It will be really informal and family friendly, so no worries about skill level.  Let me know if you are interested and I will get you the details.

Please consider helping out this great cause!

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