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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! Alleluia!

We had a great Holy Week and Easter. Andy had Holy Thursday and Good Friday off this year, so we took an impromptu family trip.  We didn't get to the Triduum liturgies, and we had a lot of fun, but we tried to be somewhat penitential as well!

The weekend before Holy Week we went on the first egg hunt of the season.  Philip had a blast.  There were a lot of eggs that had broken open as the organizers threw them on the ground.  Most of the kids passed them by because they were empty, but Philip had a blast picking up all the eggs his basket could hold - whether they were full or not.  (He has since learned that "shaky" eggs are the best [eggs that make a noise when you shake them]).  He threw a small fit when we finally told him that he had enough eggs and it was time to play on the playground. 

On Monday we had our first good snowfall of the season! 

Wednesday night we packed up our car and drove to Pennsylvania for our big adventure.
First stop on Thursday was a big model train display.
"Look at this!"
This was followed by visiting a couple train gift shops. At the first gift shop Philip stood shyly in front of a display of trains, and gave me "that look." He was whispering something.  I leaned down to find out what he was saying and he whispered, "I need to play."  I told him he could play with the trains in front of him and he was all set.  He didn't want to leave, even when we asked him if he wanted to bring home the particular train he was playing with.  Nope, he just wanted to stay in the shop and play all day.
Sweet girl along for the ride
After lunch we headed to the Turkey Hill Ice Cream Experience. We had fun playing with some interactive displays and sampling the ice cream and drinks.  I recommend the Phillies Graham Slam ice cream - they have a great spokesperson! 
That evening we visited the hotel's indoor pool and had a crazy dinner at the restaurant before getting back to the room to watch the tail end of Cars while waiting for the kids to fall asleep.

Mission Accomplished

The next day we culminated our experience with a ride on a real steam engine train!

A miniature train at the station kept tooting its ridiculously loud horn and scared Philip. 
He walked around the station all day with his hands over his ears like this.

We headed home that night because we had our first family swim lessons Saturday morning.  When we got into the car Philip said, "That was an awesome day!" It is always exciting to travel with kids, especially when they have not slept or napped well for days.  Every meal was crazy, but it was so nice to get away with just our little family.  The last time we went away by ourselves was in 2008 when Andy and I went to Santa Fe!  We had so much fun despite the craziness that we hope to plan another getaway soon!

Swim lessons on Holy Saturday was another adventure. Both kids were scared, but as soon as we got out of the pool Philip wanted to go back in. Philip had a blast at the pool last summer, but he hasn't been in the water since, so I guess he forgot how much fun it is!

After lessons we went to a local nursery for another egg hunt.

Philip wasn't exactly thrilled when the bunny approached to take a picture with him
After a nice long nap, we went out to dinner and then came back to dye Easter eggs.  Philip loved this activity and was begging to do it again the next day. 
Easter Sunday was busy and blessed!

Philip was so excited about his Easter basket. He got a couple new trains and construction vehicles, some construction shaped utensils, stickers, a chick palm pet, a bible, and some candy.  Since Julia isn't eating finger foods yet, I made her Discovery Eggs.  They are a big hit!  We also got her a cute girly dish set. For breakfast we had Resurrection Rolls and they were really yummy.  We are going to make them again this weekend since I have a bag of marshmallows I need to get rid of.

We had a great Mass and then joined some friends for lunch.  We made it home about 15 minutes before our dinner guests arrived!  Good conversation, great music, delicious food - it was a wonderful evening.

Finally at the end of the day I got to snap a couple pictures of the kiddos in their Easter outfits.  Philip was sweaty and red-faced from hours of running around and shrieking in excitement after eating more sugar in one day then he has consumed the entire year!

When I asked Philip to sit next to his sister on the coach, this is what I got:

Could they sit any further apart?

Happy Easter from the crazy house!

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