"I have told you this so that my joy might be in you and your joy might be complete." John 15:11

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Philip Funnies II

Me: Now we'll go home and eat dinner and then we'll play until 8:00.
Philip: No! I will not have 8:00!

After watching me eat a bag of carrots at lunch. 
Philip: Where are the carrots? 
Me: I ate them all.
Philip: I want carrots! (He never eats them)
Me: Sorry Buddy, I didn't think you wanted any.  I wouldn't have eaten them all if I knew you wanted one.
Philip: Open, open, open! (pulling on fridge door)
After opening the door for him he pulls out another bag of carrots.
Philip: I want one!
After handing him a carrot he takes a bite.
Philip: This is good!
Me: They are good!  They are so sweet, aren't they? (I'm always trying to convince him carrots are sweet like fruit.)
Philip: Spitting carrot onto the table. I no eat it.

Walking past a counter, Julia grabs something off of it.
Me to Julia: You have sticky fingers.
Philip: Calling from the other room. No! I no have sticky fingers!

Me to Julia: Hello beautiful!
Philip: Thinking I'm talking to him. Hi Mommy!

Reading a story that asks you to pick out the shapes in pictures one night.
Andy: What is that?
Philip: The moon!
Andy: A circle
Philip: The moon!
Andy: A circle
Me: It is the moon, but what shape is it?
Philip: A triangle.

Philip doesn't nap everyday, but I try to put him down for a bit a quiet time each afternoon.  One day when putting him in bed I told him that I needed to make a phone call and that I wanted him to be quiet in his room while I was on the phone.  Now every day as I am leaving his room he tells me. "You make a call on your cell phone...Come get me when you're done."

This weekend we went to the zoo.  On the way down we passed a school bus parking lot.
Philip: Bye-bye bus! Going to the zoo, bus!

The panda bears munching on bamboo made a big impression on him.  Now when we ask him what he saw at the zoo he says, "Panda bears eat salad."

Pulling out of a parking lot one night.
Andy: Look up there.
Philip: What is that?
Me: That is the Martial Arts studio.
Philip: Watches the instructor and student engage. I want to do that with Grandma.