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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

10 & 11 Month Updates

Where did the time go?

Little girl has continued to grow by leaps and bounds.  Here are two updates in one.

At 10 Months ...

Julia is pulling up and can stay standing while holding onto an object with just one hand. A few times she has stood up on her own, for just a second or two before falling down. She loves to clap and also enjoys strumming her fingers across her lips to make funny noises. If anyone does these things in front of her, she will do her new tricks for them.  Note to self: Do not clap while Julia is holding a spoonful of yogurt!

She is a tough little cookie, taking a lot from her older brother.  Sometimes she puts up with things, sometimes she cries, but my favorite is when she lets out loud squawks to let us know she is displeased. Sometimes during Philip's story time, while he is sitting on my lap, she will get her revenge by crawling on him, messing with his hair, playfully bopping him, etc. They both end up giggling.

She started getting separation anxiety and does not want to be put down or held by anyone but Mom. For a time, she didn't even want her Daddy to hold her. I think it was a combination of age, recovering from an ear infection, and going on our trip to Texas that all came together to make for a really tough period (for everyone).

She got her two front teeth.  So cute! When I go to clean her up after a meal she will reach out her hand for me to wipe.  Such a helpful little girl!


At 11 Months...


Julia is cruising around while holding onto furniture. She can climb stairs - she loves to steal off quietly to the stairs when she thinks we aren't looking, then cackles with delight when we catch her in the act. Brings back forgotten memories from Philip's babyhood. She can hold an object in each hand and hit them together. She likes to put things into containers and take them back out again. One day Philip dumped his crayons all over the kitchen floor, where he left them. While I was preparing food in the kitchen Julia came to play at my feet. I was pleasantly surprised when I looked down and saw that she had put half of his crayons back into their container. These two could really make a great team if only we can harness it right!

She likes to imitate us folding our hands together when we say grace before meals. She also likes to hand things back and forth to us. That has made feeding her at meals much easier, as she willingly hands us her empty spoon and we give it back to her filled up again. She squawks, "Mama! Mama! Mama!" when I am too slow in attending to her needs. I love her little personality!

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