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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Philip Funnies III

We're baaack!  We went on vacation for a couple weeks, so between preparing for a long road trip, being out of town, and getting everything back in order, which always takes a full week or more, this blog has been quiet for a while now. 

Here are some of Philip's memorable recent quotes.

Philip: Where is Herbie? (the cat)
Me: I think he's upstairs taking a nap.
Philip: No, he not taking a nap.  He just hanging out...like a panda bear.
Me: Like a panda bear?
Philip: No, not like a panda bear.  He is a panda bear.

While I was doing something with Julia in another room, Philip was rummaging through the groceries we just brought home. "Bluebwarries, milk..." I knew he hit the spinach when I heard him say, "panda food."
After throwing his cup on the ground I told him to pick it up.
Philip: I no pick it up. I too busy.

His version of The Farmer in the Dell:
"The farmer and the cow, the farmer and the cow, garble garble garble garble, the farmer and the cow."

While walking around in my flip flops: "Lord have mercy."

While playing with his construction trucks he says to me, "Look at the trucks working with all their might!" This is a quote from one of his books, Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site, a great one for any construction lovers out there.

To the cat: "Kitty, you'll move mountains!" Quote from Oh Baby, Go Baby!

After trying a frozen yogurt drop I made for Julia:
Philip spitting it out: I no like it. What is it?
Me: Yogurt
Philip: It's real tasty. Picks it up and eats it.

 "T, U, V, double ooo-eee"

He has a piggy bank in his room shaped like a duck and he calls it his piggy-ducky bank. Anytime he sees change he can't wait to go upstairs and put it in his piggy-ducky.

Anytime something is out of place he will exclaim, "It's not decorated!" He says this when a toe gets out of alignment in his flip flops, his blanket isn't on his bed, a show isn't playing, and other totally random times.

He recently started asking us a lot of silly questions. I'm pretty sure that he knows the answers to most of these is no.
"Do kitties walk on [electrical] wires?"
"Do horsies swim?  Do horsies catch fish?"
Two days before leaving for the beach: "Do sharks bite people?"
"Do dolphins go to Mass?"
"Did baby sleep in the bathtub last night?"

During a couple Sunday masses we obviously weren't paying enough attention to what he was doing. He has been figuring out how to undo the screws on the kneelers and then handing us the washers. Whoops!

When we talk to him before church about how we want him to behave he will tell us, "I want to talk in church." It is very premeditated!


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