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Monday, September 16, 2013

Julia at One

Little Julia has already turned one year old!

This is such a fun age, I love it! Now I remember why I used to repeatedly tell Andy that I wished we could always have a one year old in the house (I started that mantra when Philip was about 6 months old and it tapered off somewhere in the 2's).

Since her last update, Julia has gotten two more teeth. She started pushing her walker, standing on her own for longer periods, bending over to pick up a toy and standing back up without falling, and using some sign language. The week before her birthday *I think* she took her first step. It happened so quickly, that I wasn't positive. The day after her birthday she confirmed that she can walk, taking three steps. A couple weeks later she really took off and started walking all over. It is amazing how quickly she has gone from taking a few steps to walking halfway around the room. She can even take some steps, stop to grab something off the ground, stand back up, and keep walking with things in her hands. She also loves to climb in and out of things like drawers and baskets.

She is adding some new words to her routine, in addition to "Mama" and "Dada," she can kind of say "Hello" and "That." The other day while I was making dinner and she was sitting in her high chair I swear she said, "Mama, baby" really clearly. She also does a lot of imitations. She can clap, "snap," strum her lips, give high fives, make raspberries with her lips, give kisses (she just clicks her tongue to make a kiss sound), and hold something up to her ear like she is talking on the phone. She can make pretend drink sounds when we are playing with her tea set and she even started making pretend car sounds after I zoomed a car along her body one day. On another day when I called our cat by rubbing my fingers together and making a kissing noise, she followed suit! I am always amazed by all that she does and am continually asking Andy if Philip was doing all of this at her age.

She is already concerned with fairness, throwing fits if she doesn't have the same thing (usually food) as Philip or the rest of us. Sippy cups were the first thing she decided she had to have just like Philip. She coveted his cup for months and so was introduced to the sippy cup much earlier than he was. After using her baby cups for a while she started to demand that she get the same kind of cup that Philip has. She is also good at communicating what she wants - like rummaging in the fridge and pulling out some blueberries, then making it very clear that she wants to eat some!

At one year old, Julia is:





A Baby Beauty
She loves her brother.

She can't help but dance when she hears music.

She has one big swoosh of hair on top, but the rest of her hair is finally coming back in.

She doesn't want anyone other than her parents and Philip to touch her, but she is still very social.

Being blessed with a baby girl was an unexpected and exciting gift. It has been so fun to already see the differences between her and her brother, and of course to get her all dolled up. Her nickname is Jules and it fits her perfectly because she is such a precious jewel. Happy Birthday Julia!

Julia's Stats
Hair:  Brown and starting to curl up around the ears
Eye Color: Still changing, but on their way to brown.  They are kind of hazel right now.
Number of Teeth: Five
Favorite Song:  Tumeni Notes
Favorite Book: She is equally disinterested in all of them. She is too busy playing.
Favorite Toys: Wipes
Favorite Foods: Frozen yogurt drops, whole wheat Ritz crackers
Favorite Instrument: Guitar
Favorite Animal: Herbie the cat

Julia's Firsts
Smile: 5 Weeks
Laugh:  3 Months
Rolled Over: 3 Months
Word: 6 Months
Tooth: 7 Months
Pulled Up: 7 Months
Clap: 8  Months
Sat Up Unassisted: 8 Months
Crawled: 8 Months
Standing: 10 Months
Walking: 12 Months

Watch Julia grow!

3 Months

6 Months
12 Months

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