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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Philip Funnies V

Philip: Can we go outside and play in the water table?
Me: We don't have enough time right now. Maybe after [your nap].
Philip knowing what I meant by saying "after": Noooo! But it's summertime!

Another maneuver to try to weasel out of naptime:
Philip: Is the sun up?
Me: Yes.
Philip: We no sleep when the sun is up. We no nap today.

After spending his whole hour rest time calling out for me to come get him, I go into his room.
Philip: I'm not sleeping real well.

Another time when he was supposed to be napping: "I'm waking my eyes up, Mommy!"

At bathtime:
Me: I'm going to get you all clean first and then when I am done you can play with your toys while I bathe Julia.
Philip: That is going to be amazing!

One day I was working on a painting project and Philip wanted to paint too. After unsuccessfully trying to teach him how to wash his paintbrush before using a new color, I finally decided to squirt a bunch of colors on a piece of newspaper for him to mix up however he liked. While painting, this conversation unfolded.
Philip: You be careful, Mommy.
Me: Okay Philip, you be careful too.
Philip: No, I not be careful.
Me: What are you going to be?
Me: Are you going to be wild?
Philip: Yeah! I'm going to be wild! You be careful with your paints, Mommy and I'm going to be wild!

"I want they're two, they're four, they're six, they're eight." (Thomas theme song)

Philip: I want to nap in Mommy Daddy's room. My little bed is scary.
Me: What is scary about your bed?
Philip: There are monkeys in it.
This conversation played out again later in the naptime routine.
Philip: There is an elephant in my bed.

After closing the door when leaving for a Mom's night out, Andy said Philip told me, "Take it easy, Mommy."

Philip: Where's Daddy?
Me: In Philadelphia.
Philip: Oh, I can't see that far.

"Look at the paterkiller!" (caterpillar)

"Mommy, I potty trained!" (used the potty)

Bonus Julia funny:
One morning Philip threw a minor fit. Afterwards, Julia, Philip and I were silent for a moment just staring at one another. Then Julia broke into applause. Even she knows when he is putting on a show!

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  1. Philip is funny! Can't wait to see all of you again! Love, Uncle Pete