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Monday, September 23, 2013

August - The Best Month of the Year

I've always thought August was the best month of the year. My sister and I were both born in August, so there was a lot to celebrate. I've now narrowed things down further to having a favorite week of the year. In one week's time we celebrate our anniversary, Julia's birthday, and my birthday. That is one incredible week!
This month we enjoyed a visit from Andy's parents. The kids had a great time with their grandparents, they helped us out so much around the house, and Andy and I got to enjoy their baby-sitting services.

We celebrated our 11th Anniversary this year. My in-laws watched the kids while we went to a Japanese hibachi grill. Afterwards we got coffee and enjoyed a band playing outdoors in a new shopping area. I am amazed at how far our little town has come over the last few years.


When we returned home, we found Philip snuggled up
with Grandma, playing a rollicking game of Angry Birds

For Julia's birthday, Andy's Mom made manicotti, which Julia loved. She also made a homemade cake and Julia spent a good amount of time eating her piece.

Good Morning Birthday Girl!

Since Julia was on the verge of taking her first steps during their visit, my mother-in-law and I went out to get Julia's first shoes.

Andy had a day off in the middle of the week, so we took a trip to Annapolis. It was a beautiful day. We visited the City Dock and had lunch out. Of course, no visit to Annapolis is complete without visiting an ice cream shop!

On my birthday, Andy's parents watched the kids for awhile while I went out shopping and running lots of small errands that are hard to do with the kids. My mother-in-law made dinner for us and we got a couple Smith Island Cakes to share. It was so fun to have a small crowd to celebrate with!

That weekend we all went down to North Carolina to celebrate the baptism of our niece and nephews. It was a wonderful time! I was thinking back to just a little over a year ago when we first learned that these beautiful children would become a part of our family. Now it is hard to remember life without them!

Other fun times this month included celebrating a first birthday and a baptism with friends, and going out to a minor league baseball game. We took the kids to their first ball game earlier in the summer. Julia had a great time sitting in my lap and munching on Cheerios, but Philip was scared of all the loud noises. We got free tickets to a game in August and decided to try it out again. When we drove into the parking lot and Philip already had his hands over his ears we were expecting to have a very short-lived evening out. But he pulled through and we stayed for a couple hours. Philip had fun in the kid's area, playing several games and going on a carousel ride for the first time. He had his head buried in Andy's chest for the whole ride, so I figured we wouldn't be going on any carousel rides anytime soon. But as soon as we got off, he asked to ride again. He was still bundled up with Andy during his ride, but towards the end of it he started softly saying, "Wheee! Wheee!"
Philip got really into feeding Julia for about a week

Gummy worm (normally not a baby-approved food, but this was too cute)

Philip goes through phases of things he says. This month's antics included:
Asking if the sun was out and then telling me that we don't sleep when the sun is up (trying to send subliminal messages that he didn't need a nap).
When I would tell him it was naptime he would say, "Nooo, but it's summertime!"
Any time I told him we needed to change his diaper, "Nooo, Daddy changed it last night!"

Julia started saying "What's that?" She is constantly pointing to things throughout the day and asking, "What's that?" I am amazed by her limitless curiosity. She also got her 6th tooth and started walking! What an amazing month August was!

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