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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Philip Funnies VIII

After lunch at a Mexican restaurant:
Me: I need to wipe your nose.
Philip: Do I have nachos coming out of it?

A minute later, after putting away the stroller:
Me: There was a chip in the basket of the stroller so I put it on the ground and some seagulls came and ate it! (true story)
Philip: Seagulls no eat strollers!

"Daddy is my baby."

"You need to behave if you want a special, Mommy."

Getting him up from a non-nap: "I was being crazy in here."

"That's a dinosaurus!"

Handing me his winter hat while we were outside one day, "I'm just gonna keep my ears cold."

Philip: Can I use this? Holding up his umbrella.
Me: Yes, as long as you are careful with it.
Philip: Aye aye, Capitan!

Me: Do you know what Thanksgiving is?
Philip: Thanksgiving is Christmas!
After straightening him out
Me: What is Thanksgiving?
Philip: Special foods
Me: Explaining how we thank God for the gifts he has given us.
Post Thanksgiving:
Me: What is Christmas?
Philip: Thank God for food!

"I behaved, Mommy. I been having."

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