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Friday, January 31, 2014

Philip Funnies IX

"Mommy, come in here. I need to hug myself!"

During bathtime (he had a rash that was bothering him in the water):
Me: "Okay, look up." (so I can wash the shampoo out of his hair)
Philip: No...I too sad to look up.

"Alright, Kitties and Gentlemen."

Philip: I can't wait for Daddy to come down(stairs).
Me: Me either.
Philip: Me either, too.

A conversation we had a couple times over Christmas break.
Me: Your cousin Thomas is coming over to spend the day with us.
Philip: Thomas the train?

"Oh no, Baby is playing with one of my famous racecars!"

"I need direction."

"Mommy? I'm having a hard time with playing."

Philip: I don't have to go potty.
Me: Well, we're going to try.
Philip: No, I can't go! I'm too separated!

We had a friend over to play one day. The friend happened to have the same first name as Philip's Grandpa. Philip called him Grandpa all day. "I want Grandpa to come upstairs for lunch."

This is the photo that inspired all of the funny face photos above.
He wasn't trying to make a funny face,
my camera just happened to capture a funny moment.
We laughed and laughed when I showed it to him -
I haven't seen him laugh that hard at himself since the last video at this link.
(Sorry for the open mouth food shot.)

Bonus Andy funny:
After I took off her diaper, Julia ran off naked.
Me: The toddler body is the perfection of the human form.
Andy: Yeah, it's what inspired the bobble head doll.

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