"I have told you this so that my joy might be in you and your joy might be complete." John 15:11

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Julia's 2nd Birthday

Julia celebrated her 2nd birthday last month.

 For her birthday, she did her grocery shopping

put in some time at work

straightened the house

did a load of laundry

caught up on some reading

and tended to the garden.

And that was just before lunch!  Andy was able to take the day off of work, and a small group of friends joined us at a children's museum for the morning. We enjoyed a picnic before spending a bit more time in the museum, then home for a rest.

That evening, Andy's brother came to town with his family. We ordered pizza for dinner and then all had fun playing outside with the neighborhood kids before presents and cake.

Julia was smart to start opening presents before I could get everyone inside from playing.

Because once they arrived, it became a mob scene.

Julia received a baby doll and accessories to go with it, dress up shoes and accessories, clothes, and a flower patch building set. We still have mainly boy-centric toys around here, so this birthday we did a lot of catching up on girl things.

As you can see, Julia was thrilled to have all of the attention on her as we sang Happy Birthday.
She just

keeps getting


She was utterly exhausted that evening, not even able to finish her sentences. That is very unusual for my little girl! We had a wonderful, full day celebrating our beautiful little girl.

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