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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sweet September

September brought about a big change in our family. For the first time, we have a little one in school!

Philip is going to preschool a few days a week and seems to be really enjoying it! I got to go with him on the first day to see what a normal day of school will be like. Philip and I had lots of fun - he was very excited, but also shy in the classroom. He is adjusting to school really well.
Pre-school haircut 

We did a couple new activities this month, including going to a science program where we were able to see and pet (Mom was the only one brave enough to touch anything) a skink, bearded dragon, and some kind of lizard. We also visited Whole Foods a couple times to take part in their kid's cooking class. The kids were in a cupcake decorating contest one day and made apple smiles another time. I grew up making apples smiles for snacks, so it was fun to show my kids how to make them, too. Afterwards, the kids take a tour through the store and they get treats from each of the departments in a mini shopping bag (cheese, fruit, cookies, etc).

Our area loves fall festivals - there are too many to attend! We were able to get to a few in September. Our parish has an annual Labor Day festival and we enjoyed visiting with friends, playing games, and getting some treats. One weekend we went to the Renaissance Festival. It was our first time going and we were amazed at just how extensive (and busy) the festival is. We enjoyed watching the performers, playing on the pirate ship playground, and trying out new foods. During the last weekend of the month the Grandparents and I took the kids to a fall festival at a local garden center. The highlight for the kids was decorating their own pumpkins The highlight for the adults were the fresh, hot apple cider donuts - they can't be beat!

We also spent a weekend at the Jellystone campground in Natural Bridge, VA. The kids love going "camping" (we rent a cabin). It was fun to get away together as a family. Philip loved going fishing every day. The kids had a blast playing in our cabin's loft. We parents loved the Natural Bridge and hiking to a waterfall.

On Sunday, we went to Lexington for Mass, lunch at a Greek restaurant, and playing at a little hidden gem children's garden before heading back home.


Playing with "dinosaur" bones
Life-size Lincoln logs

Andy and I had a fun evening out when we went to see my favorite band, Need to Breathe. They were great and we even enjoyed the opening acts as well, which is rare. They had a violin and guitar duo who are in the film The Song first, and the Oh Hellos second. I had never heard of the Oh Hellos before, but they were great live and we have been checking them out on Pandora. Also, go see The Song while it is in theaters. We haven't seen it yet, but know people who have pre-screened it and it is a good, marriage-affirming film. Let's support movies that support marriage!

At the end of the month, my parents came up for a weekend visit while on their way to Connecticut. Andy happened to be out of town for a couple nights, so I enjoyed having the extra hands. We were all together for a night before Grandma and Grandpa left town, but we look forward to having them back on their return trip!

New from Philip this month:
In the morning, he will ask us, "How was your dream?" Then when we ask what he dreamed about, he will say things like, "trucks" or "playdough."
He loves to play hide and seek. Luckily, he isn't very good at it yet.
He is now asking "Why" every time I give him an answer he doesn't want to hear. Ugh!
He is learning to whisper, but his technique is off. He will say, "I want to tell you something." Then I will squat down next to him. He will put his cheek next to my cheek and then whisper out in front of us. He hasn't quite figured out that he is supposed to be whispering in my ear!

New from Julia:
We often have this conversation.
Julia: "Hi Mommy, what's your name?"
Me: Miss Mommy.
Julia: Oh, Miss Mommy?
Me: Yes, what is your name?
Julia: Julia Katrese! (Julia Therese)

She regularly calls me Miss Kristen or Miss Kristen Mommy.
She has started asking the name of my shirt each day.
Speaking of clothing, she is starting to want to choose her clothes each day and is extremely opinionated about what she wears. Gone are the days of me picking out each darling outfit I want her to wear - boo hoo! Philip still doesn't care what he wears, so I wasn't expecting the clothing wars to happen so soon!
To make up for the daily power struggles, she has begun spontaneously saying "I love you!" regularly throughout the day. Now that is something my little boy rarely does. I guess there are trade-offs!


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