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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Philip Funnies XIV

Looking at the neighborhood pond:
"Why is there no whales in there?"

After chatting briefly with a cousin.
Me: That was your cousin X. He is about 7 years older than you.
Philip: I'm not that big yet. Seven is like so old.

"Raccoons aren't alive during the daytime."

Me: Philip, go put your shoes on.
Philip: Okay, Holy Mother.
Is this funny or sacrilegious? Since he is under the age of reason, I'm going with funny - obviously since I'm posting it here!

Before a rain storm I ask about the rumbling I hear outside.
Me: Is that thunder?
Philip: I'll go check
Opens the storm door.
Philip (totally casually): Maybe it's a war coming...or a T-Rex.

While playing at the park. "Hey, let's all run around and catch ourselves!" Translation: catch each other.

His version of Let it Go. "Let it go. Let it go. Let it go forever if you want to."

"Look Dad! We found Mo-Mo's!" (minnows)

Me: Look at those construction workers! They are digging deep!
Philip: Maybe they are digging for worms...Maybe they want worms to put in their house.

While driving to visit some friends:
"Do the G's not live in space?"
"Do the G's have potties there?"

Philip: Mommy, you have to go to time-out.
Andy: I don't think you have the authority to do that!
Philip: Yes, I do have the 'thority!
Andy: How is that?
Philip: Good.

Philip: Mom?
Me: Yes?
Philip: I can't get too taller because this house isn't too big.

Philip: Why aren't Grandma and Grandpa going to bed?
Me: They are older than you and don't need as much sleep.
Philip: I'm gonna get bigger and bigger and then I won't sleep at all!

A recent conversation between the kids.
Julia: You're awesome, buddy!
Philip: No, I not awesome!
Julia: You're awesome, buddy!
Philip: No! Only Daddy is awesome!
Julia: You're awesome, buddy!
Philip: If you say that again, you have to go to time out.

"Mom, when is baby going to be a boy?"

Discussing the Gatorade the kids had picked out as a special drink for our road trip. The drink was clear, but a cherry flavor. "So it's not pelican flavor?"

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