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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Little News

Julia is going to be a super big sister!

New baby arriving, October 2015!
The kids have been so cute and I am really surprised by how interested they are in the baby and seem to understand what is happening (although the reality of it will surely be a shock to the system)!
We took them to a doctor's appointment. After meeting with three people, and having many conversations about the baby and doing an ultrasound in their presence, we decided to break the news.
Andy Holding up an ultrasound picture of the baby: Do you know what this is?
Philip: A space ship!
Andy: What about you, Julia?
Julia: A froggie.
Me: Do you think Mommy swallowed a space ship or a froggie?
Both nod heads
Andy: It's a baby! Mommy is going to have a baby.
Philip: Face palm
Me: What do you think we should name the baby if it is a girl?
Philip: Miss Gen's baby (Miss Gen is a close friend who recently had a baby).
Me: Hmmm, that may be a little confusing for people. What else do you think?
Philip: Flower pot.
Me: And what do you think we should name the baby if it is a boy?
Philip: Seed.
Me: What do you think we should name the baby if it is a girl?
Julia: Daddy.
Me: And what do you think we should name the baby if it is a boy?
Julia: Daddy.
So, they aren't too helpful with the name suggestions yet!
Philip was hoping for a brother and Julia was hoping for a sister. Luckily, Philip took the news pretty well when he found out it was another sister.
Julia loves to check on the baby each day. She lifts up my shirt to give kisses and hugs while saying, "Where is that silly little baby? Oh, the baby is so cute!" They both like to give raspberries on my belly, so hopefully the baby will have a good sense of humor. They have lots of questions, and are particularly concerned with how exactly the baby will get out!
We had our big ultrasound on Thursday and kept our tradition of asking the sonographer to write the gender down on a piece of paper. On Saturday night we went out to dinner to open the envelope they gave us. We brought these home for the kids to find when they woke up Sunday morning.

The baby is looking great - growing perfectly and healthy. We are so thankful for this amazing blessing.

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