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Friday, May 15, 2015

Amazing April

The weather was nicer this month, so our family came out of hiding!

April started with Philip's spring break. We went to the park with friends, had an Easter Egg Hunt with the Mom's Club, participated in a sports class that we usually can't get to during the school year, and had lots of other fun. The week went by fast!

On Good Friday, we made a trip to the National Shrine of Elizabeth Ann Seton and Mount Saint Mary's. Philip was especially eager to get to "St. Mary's." They had lots of fun playing outside.


Such a pious boy!

On Easter Sunday, we enjoyed Mass, a backyard Easter Egg hunt, and visiting friends for the day.

This month, we also visited the children's museum,

and the fire station,

A huge hit with both kids
dyed Easter Eggs (some people chose not to use the egg dippers provided in the box),

spent a day at the zoo with friends,
No good pics that day - we'll just pretend this is from the zoo
and visited college friends to celebrate our goddaughter's First Holy Communion.
Isn't she beautiful?
We registered Philip for Kindergarten sniff sniff. He is slowly warming up to the idea of going to the "big school" next year, but would much rather stay home with Mommy. He got our family's first case of pink eye and Julia joined him a week later. Luckily we were able to catch it early with her and it wasn't as bad as it was for poor Philip. He has gotten onto a bird watching kick and he loves to take a little notebook outside and tally up all the birds that fly by. Andy was super excited to get Philip an Audobon guidebook to birds. He has officially worn holes in all of the jeans we got him this summer - I guess we have reached that stage of rough and tumble boy!

Julia has the cutest little run/prance. So cute to see her run - it is just so girly! She also walks on her tiptoes a bit - perhaps a future dancer? She goes to sleep surrounded by about ten stuffed "ani-mules" and with a stack of books by her side. Andy has his own made up words and expressions that he uses and Julia totally buys into it and uses those words too. She loves to pretend that we are different animals - she will be the baby cat and I will be the Mommy - next thing I know, we are being baby chicks or an arctic fox - such an imagination!



Both kids love to show off how well they can balance - it is a big deal! They always want to play chase. We often play gingerbread man/fox with the fox chasing whoever is the gingerbread man. Or sometimes Julia will be a lion and I make sure to ask her to roar while she chases me because it is just the cutest thing! Philip is a super fast runner - I have to sprint to keep up with him - if I can even do that! He has so much fun chasing the other boys around on the playground at school. Both kids love to play outside and bounce on the bed or jump off the couch. When they do, they tell me, "I want to do my energy" (get my energy out).

Showing off her balancing skills
That's all the news from here!

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